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2018 Strategy Series

Industry pacesetters share proven, straight-forward tactics for exponentially growing revenue in 2018.

Sharon Napier
Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.
Matt Weiss
Dave Currie
Daniel Berliner
Liz Murnin

About this virtual Event

Created just for agencies, learn the specifics on how your industry peers have successfully designed and implemented business development programs that work. Apply these proven straight-forward tactics and practices immediately to drive more revenue growth and become a pacesetter in 2018. The format is fast-paced: 10+ recorded sessions each with their own worksheet to keep you accountable. You’ll be immersed into a hands-on environment focused on creating an impactful new business roadmap. This is where your agency new business strategy meets execution.




Agencies typically spend anywhere from $3K-$5K to attend a conference with content of this caliber. Instead, you and your entire team can access this content for a fraction of that cost – in the comfort of your own office. And at your pace. Sound nice? We think so! And, why waste time making a 2018 plan that might get results, when you can access all of this content and craft a bulletproof roadmap that will get results. Join your most successful peers and build a plan for your agency that will drive much more than revenue– it will deliver enormous impact.




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Opening Keynote I

Opening Keynote

Life or death is in the details.

Well-known Nascar driver, Bubba Wallace, speaks on the importance of executing against your strategy and paying attention to all the small details, because in extreme environments (on a racetrack, a mountain, or in the boardroom) could mean life or death. No matter the challenges, winning mentally is half the batter. Precision is key.

Darrell Wallace Jr.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.
Professional Driver
Opening Keynote II

My Road To Agency New Business Success (And How You Can Do It Too)

What I got right in business development that shaped the agencies I worked for & accelerated my career.

As a Global CMO, CRO, Chief of Staff and Managing Partner, Matt Weiss’s success in his track-record of taking action, doing more than presiding, and empowering others around you to work as effective teams. Learn how he looks at each week as an opportunity to make progress and building lasting relationships with prospects, clients, and partners while finding transformative business opportunities for brands.

Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss
Managing Director
Session 1

The Proven Practices for Setting Simple and Realistic Agency Growth Goals

Begin crafting your new business roadmap by understanding your agency growth ambitions and challenges.

Nicole Souza, SVP, Network Business Development & Marketing at The Integer GroupTBWA, shares how she establishes and grows new business programs using straight-forward, proven methods that ensure management buy-in and ongoing proactive transparency on progress.

Nicole Souza

Nicole Souza
SVP, Business Development
The Integer GroupTBWA
Session 2

Essential Components Your Business Development Plan Must Have

Understand what fast-growth Omnicom agencies do to compete on a global stage against fierce competition.

Danny Berliner, Vice President of Business Development at Omnicom DAS Group of Companies, speaks about his real-world experience in helping Omnicom’s Diversified and Specialty Services agencies compete on a global stage against the very best specialized category and discipline specific agencies. Insights into what works for the fast-growth, pacesetter agencies within the network.

Danny Berliner

Danny Berliner
Vice President of Business Development
Omnicom DAS Group of Companies
Session 3

Harnessing the Power of In-Person Relationships to Drive Organic Revenue Opportunities

Discover the power of process, people, and proximity.

Gregg Hamburger, Chief Integration Officer at The Marketing Arm, provides a glimpse into his networking strategy and its design on a monthly basis to harness the power of in-person relationships, maximize proximity to people, and how his technique drives organic new business opportunities consistently.

Gregg Hamburger

Gregg Hamburger
Chief Integration Officer
The Marketing Arm
Session 4

How Eastport Holdings Identifies and Wins New Business Through Technology

Matt Wilson, President and COO of Eastport Holdings’ 16 operating units, he knows there’s no shortage of alerts and notifications vying for your attention. In this session learn he discusses how to pair-down these notifications to surface the most relevant and actionable leads from a business development perspective and how to incorporate specific techniques into your daily routine. He will discuss why he believes this is the Golden Age of New Business for the agency world and what you need to know to take advantage of it.

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson
President & COO
Eastport Holdings
Session 5

Trial, Error, and the Success with Email Cadences

Creating a sustainable direct response messaging cadence that works.

Liz Murnin, Director of Business Development at New Honor Society speaks about his experiences of trial and error over the years before landing on a direct response messaging cadence that works. Liz will share examples and the recent wins that she has experienced directly attributed to this proactive outreach strategy.

Liz Murnin

Liz Murnin
Director of Business Development
New Honor Society
Session 6

Entice, Disarm, Discover: How to Define the Right Opportunity and Close It

Your roadmap of questions to define the right opportunity and win.

Sharon Napier, CEO Partners + Napier speaks about the importance of asking great questions that lead toward a desired focal point with a client or prospect. Using recent examples of prospect and client interactions, Sharon details a structured, repeatable process that you can weave into your next new business conversation.

Sharon Napier

Sharon Napier
Partners + Napier
Session 7

Your Final Roadmap: Go Forth, Conquer, & Celebrate the Wins

You now have a plan. It’s time to go forth and take control.

Dave Currie, CEO of List Partners, recounts the importance of preparation and the resources required to win. He shares how important recognition and celebrating accomplishments of all sizes keeps high-functioning teams and individuals engaged, motivated, and focused on the right goal.

Dave Currie

Dave Currie
List Partners Inc.
Closing Keynote

Grit: A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence & How to Own It

Inspiration to push you forward at an accelerated pace for 2017 and beyond.

This VIP speaker understands what it means to own it and to have grit. This inspirational speaker will share with you their story of ambition, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. A truly inspiring story that we can all relate to and use as fuel to push forward and set an accelerated pace for 2018 and beyond.

Gabrielle Tenaglia

Gabrielle Tenaglia
General Manager, Marketing
Globality, Inc.



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  • Virtual Access to 10+ Sessions
  • Listen to Q&A Sessions w/ Presenters
  • On-Demand Recordings of Each Session
  • Exclusive Downloadable Summit Content




  • Get on demand access to 10+ sessions with custom worksheets for each session.
  • Interviews with some of the brightest agency minds in today’s business landscape.
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  • Learn actionable strategies & tactics to unleash your agency's revenue potential.


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