Your Final Roadmap: Go Forth, Conquer, & Celebrate the Wins

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5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

New Business Strategy

You now have a plan. It’s time to go forth and take control.

You now have the plan, preparations, and resources required to win. You can take control. You have a tactical model, proven by your peers on the front-lines of business development to work. It’s time to go forth and implement it.

  • The common sense approach
  • Recognition of desired behaviors
  • Daily engagement and motivation

Agency Pacesetter, Dave Currie, CEO of the List Partners, recounts the importance of preparation and the resources required to win. He shares how important recognition and celebrating accomplishments of all sizes keeps high-functioning teams and individuals engaged, motivated, and focused on the right goal. He’ll also be summarizing your final business development action plan, so you get the most out of the conference with added insight from his panelists, Matt Chollet, EVP of Agency Growth, and Eric Brown, VP Business Development.

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