Entice, Disarm, Discover- How to Define the Right Opportunity and Close It

Virtual Access

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

New Business Strategy

Your roadmap of questions to define the right opportunity and win

Bringing it all together, your complete road-map. In this session, we’ll create an interviewing technique to help define your new business opportunity and align your agency as the solution provider of choice. Get a complete understanding of what problems you solve for your client, why they would buy from you and why they wouldn’t. From a first meeting to winning the assignment, this is a session like no other.

  • Learn how to effectively qualify the customer.
  • Entice through applicable problems your agency has solved with dramatic results.
  • Disarm by acknowledging that not everybody is the right fit for your services.
  • Ask the right questions to discover the true new business opportunity.

Agency Pacesetter, Sharon Napier, CEO Partners + Napier speaks about the importance of asking great questions that lead toward a desired focal point with a client or prospect.Using recent examples of prospect and client interactions, Sharon details a structured, repeatable process that you can weave into your next new business conversation.

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