How Eastport Holdings Identifies and Wins New Business Through Technology

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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

New Business Strategy

Learn how to surface the most relevant and actionable leads through technology

Matt Wilson, President and COO of Eastport Holdings’ 16 operating units, he knows there’s no shortage of alerts and notifications vying for your attention. In this session learn he discusses how to pair-down these notifications to surface the most relevant and actionable leads from a business development perspective and how to incorporate specific techniques into your daily routine. He will discuss why he believes this is the Golden Age of New Business for the agency world and what you need to know to take advantage of it.

Selling is different from servicing.

You’ll hear Matt say that to the point of redundancy. He trains business development professionals under his employ to know the difference, and for agency management and creative teams to jump on board or stay out of the way.
This perspective started early in his career, managing Senate reelection campaigns during his first job on Capitol Hill where he learned that getting elected was different than serving the electorate.

Matt then joined Marriott Hotels and Resorts as Director of Sales Promotion, winning the Chairman’s Award for new restaurant marketing, mostly because of one lesson his boss taught him: ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Joining J.Walter Thompson, he was trained by Sir Martin Sorrell’s elite new business teams and focused on the Atlanta and Washington DC markets for ten years. The biggest lesson after being scolded by Burt Manning: stay out of the way of good ideas and the people who sign contracts.

Branching out on his own, Matt bought into a small agency in Columbus, Ohio and worked like a paroled thief for 20 years, eventually selling to Eastport Holdings, and then founding 500 Degrees Design Studio for EPH to manage all of Burger King’s and Tim Hortons U.S. merchandising.

As President and COO of Eastport Holdings’ 16 operating units, Matt manages portfolio strategy, business development, acquisition onboarding, and cross-selling. From the rise of the purchasing groups and the threat of Ad Cartels and consulting firms to the crowded TED talks on digital disruption, Matt believes that this is the Golden Age of New Business for the agency world if we understand one thing: Selling is Different than Servicing.

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