How I ‘Get The Meeting’ With A Fortune 500 CMO

Virtual Access

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

New Business Strategy

Learn proved strategies and principles to ‘get the meeting’ with top CMOs. 

Securing meetings with Fortune 500 CMO’s remains the ambition, and task of many in agency business development. Yet few consistently succeed in doing so. In this session, learn the proven strategies and principles to ‘get the meeting’.

  • Focus and clarity on meeting intent
  • Brand insight and applications
  • Engagement tactics
  • Securing objectives
  • Getting the meeting

Agency Pacesetter Morgan Shorey, SVP Strategic Development, FCB talks about her expertise securing meetings with Fortune 500 CMO’s. Using recent real-world examples, Morgan details her proven, winning approach to proactive prospecting to get in front of top-level decision makers.

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